Echoes and no replies.

Lost at sea.

I like a lot of wierd things.
I love music- Green Day, My Chem, Tom Waits, Brand New, All American Rejects, 100 Monkeys, Marilyn Manson, The Living End,
I'm opened minded- i dont care if you do drugs, smoke or you're gay.
I love reading full stop.
I like walking round places for hours on end.
I love films nights.
I love being a fan girl. LJ is my outlet for all things I love from Stephen Fry to Robert Pattinson
I love Vampire books, TV, Movies anything vampire. Yes I love Twilight, Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Vamped, Dracula and pretty much anything vampire out there.
i like quotes and writing them down.
i like to get to know people and i'm not very good at technical things such as this, so i'll need help alot!
i love fan fiction reading and writing. i'm always there for a comment.